Week in the Life #2- week overview

I didn’t make time to post my pictures every day this time.

What was different is I was working, the kids were not away on holidays, I didn’t make time. I’ve been thinking a lot about the difference between not having time and not making or taking time. I’ll have to change the way I talk and act in the future.

When Ali published her Thoughts on Week in the Life she mentioned we should document our life as it is now, this life as it is now can change so fast, believe me. In February some of this usual life routine was shattered in just one day. So, yes, this project of capturing what life is today (and maybe not tomorrow) seems more important to me now than it was last year.

This week’s pictures are telling a very different kind of story this time around indeed.



My usual first picture in Day in the Life or Week in the Life. This light through the window, on a sad day on November 14th 2015, on a good day sometimes, on an open week this time. I love this light by the way.

IMG_20160509_090257 On the way to work. Not sulking or anything, my usual face when alone, should try to smile more often!
IMG_20160509_150536 Forgetting my day at work and enjoying some quiet sewing time.IMG_20160509_192218Battling some strange pain in my foot. Birkenstocks for the win. IMG_20160509_202023

Eating seasonal veggies and trying to eat better, on some days only. Main concern right now. Leading a healthier life.



Sewing and taking part in Me Made May this time, I took part in Me Made March too… some thinking is at work here on what I’m sewing, why I’m sewing and if there is any capsule wardrobe still going on or just a big fat mess of fabrics, patterns, sewing sewing sewing without rhyme or reason. Sewing has become a therapy really. IMG_20160510_074937

Foot problem : trying sneakers to go to work.IMG_20160510_131045 IMG_20160510_131100 This time of year again! Love love love these beauties. Need to do something because we get less and less of them each year. Gardening is a real problem over here!IMG_20160510_173900 IMG_20160510_202625My happy place right now.



Cycles, repetition. Do I love this? No! Are they reassuring? Maybe. But mainly I hate doing this again and again.IMG_20160511_083555

Another happy place. I have always loved Guerlain and will probably always do. Comforting when things are not as good as you’d like.

IMG_20160511_102828 Choosing work! This was a difficult but necessary choice.IMG_20160511_174758

Heading to new directions both physically and mentally.



I love what I see through the windows and I am grateful for this view!

IMG_20160512_164103These sneakers again. At school waiting for a little someone who brings me lots of joy.


Probably the most intentional picture of this week : imperfect and awesome.


IMG_20160513_085138 Me Made May again. I said I didn’t like pink. So what?IMG_20160513_132358 At work, before a very long afternoon began.IMG_20160513_172158 Loving this and feeling sad at the same time : always wondering if I have enjoyed the blooms enough considering I won’t see any until next year. That was a short moment of pure bliss (seeing the trees blooming). Favourite season of mine : SPRING!IMG_20160513_234911Sewing and self-portrait. We are made of layers.


IMG_20160514_111344 IMG_20160514_145223

 Travelling and having a very happy family gathering. Enjoying this weekend so so much! Enjoying being slow at doing things and not worrying about anything really.

So this is how my second Week in the Life comes to an end.

I’ll write more reflexions when I put the pictures into an album. And I’ll put more pictures into the album, including pictures of my family that I don’t want to share here.

Thanks for reading and watching and sharing.

Keep calm and carry on.

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